Agricultural investments 

AL Hussaini Agriculture Investments  With a strong commitment to sustainable farming practices, innovative technologies, and global partnerships, we are dedicated to cultivating success in the agriculture sector. we sow the seeds of growth and prosperity for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Hokool Al Ghad 

Saudi Arabia is on the cusp of a transformative agricultural venture with a groundbreaking mega investment in the poultry sector. This significant endeavor is set to revolutionize the kingdom's food security and economic landscape. Backed by cutting-edge technology, advanced breeding techniques, and a commitment to unparalleled quality, this poultry project aims to not only meet the growing demand for poultry products but also reduce the nation's reliance on imports. With a focus on sustainability and local production, Saudi Arabia's new mega agriculture investment in the poultry sector promises to create jobs, boost the domestic economy, and contribute to the nation's self-sufficiency in poultry production. It's a bold step towards a more resilient and prosperous future for Saudi Arabia's agriculture industry.

Al Jazeera Agriculture

Al Jazeera, a pioneering investment made two decades ago in Jordan's poultry sector, has had a profound and enduring impact on the nation's agricultural landscape. This visionary endeavor has redefined poultry production in Jordan, setting new standards for quality, sustainability, and efficiency. Through the infusion of cutting-edge technology, innovative farming methods, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Al Jazeera has not only secured Jordan's food supply but has also become a key driver of economic growth. This 20-year journey has created thousands of job opportunities, reduced the country's dependence on poultry imports, and consistently delivered top-tier poultry products to meet the demands of the nation. Al Jazeera stands as a testament to the transformative power of long-term investments in cultivating prosperity and enhancing both the poultry sector and the broader Jordanian economy.

Al Izz 

"Al Izz, the renowned chain of poultry retail stores in Jordan, has carved a prominent niche in the hearts and kitchens of Jordanian households. With a vast network spanning over 140 stores, Al Izz has become synonymous with quality and convenience in the poultry sector. These outlets not only serve as a trusted source for fresh poultry products but also symbolize the commitment to excellence that characterizes the broader group's investments in Jordan. Al Izz complements and strengthens the diversified portfolio of investments within the group, contributing to the country's economic growth and food security. As an integral part of Jordan's culinary landscape, Al Izz stands as a testament to the group's dedication to enhancing the lives of Jordanians by providing them with top-tier poultry options and supporting local development efforts.

Al Izz 

Al Thuraya for Feed Manufacturing, a flagship investment by "Al Hussaini" in Jordan, is a testament to the group's dedication to bolstering the nation's agricultural sector. As Jordan's largest feed manufacturing facility, it plays a pivotal role in supporting the country's livestock and poultry industries. This state-of-the-art facility, a jewel in the group's portfolio, complements and reinforces the group's other agricultural investments. By providing high-quality feed products and fostering sustainable farming practices, Al Thuraya contributes to the overall growth and food security of Jordan. It exemplifies the group's commitment to innovation and excellence while contributing significantly to the development of Jordan's agricultural landscape, ensuring a prosperous future for the nation's farming community and beyond.

Al Thuraya Industrial City 

Al Thuraya Industrial City, a remarkable venture under the umbrella of "Al Hussaini" investments in Jordan, stands as a testament to the group's visionary approach to business development. As the sole private free zone in Jordan, Al Thuraya Industrial City not only offers a strategic advantage but also serves as a beacon for investors. With its enticing tax incentives and cutting-edge infrastructure, it has attracted numerous multimillion-dollar foreign investments spanning diverse sectors. Al Hussaini's commitment to creating a thriving business ecosystem has not only elevated the economic landscape of Jordan but has also positioned the country as a prime destination for international investors. Al Thuraya Industrial City embodies the spirit of innovation and progress, contributing significantly to the growth and prosperity of both the group and the nation as a whole.

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